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10 Greatest Call of Duty Characters of All Time

By Gamez News

Vladimir Makarov is an evil character from Modern Warfare known for "no Russian."

10. Vladimir Makarov

Frank Wood is a fan-favorite character from Black Ops Franchise who brings humor and loyalty to mason. 

9. Frank Woods

David Mason is son of Alex Mason who is a great character from Black Ops II.

8. David Mason

Raul Menendez is a great villain from Black Ops II and his conviction makes him hard to hate

7. Raul Menendez

Alex Mason is a fan-favorite character from Black Ops franchise whose story is influenced by the player's choice.

6. Alex Mason

Viktor Reznov is great leader added in World at War and Black Ops franchise who tends to help others.

5. Viktor Reznov

General Shepherd is a Modern Warfare franchise character who killed Ghost and Roach and betrayed his family.

4. General Shepherd

Soap is an extremely likable character who was added to the Modern Warfare franchise and scarifies his life to save the player. 

3. Captain "Soap"

Captain John Price is a favorite leader with a iconic appearacnce in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

2. Captain John Price

Ghost is the beloved character of Call of Duty with iconic mask and personality makes him a fan-favorite.

1. Ghost