10 Insane Secrets About Kratos God of War

By Gamez News

10. Do you Know Kratos has award of biggest baddass.

9. Do you know? The character of Kratos is also planned for the movies.

8. Kratos's appearance is similar to that of the Guts of War character.

7. Do you know? Kratos is 2.3 meters tall.

6. In early designs of Kratos, he has long hair and is covered in ancient clothing.

5. Kratos is derived from Greek mythology and the real name of Kratos is Cratus.

4. In the upcoming parts, Kratos' son will be the main protagonist and Kratos will be a role model for him.

3. Do you know? Kratos' voice has changed several times due to his age.

2. Initially the color of his tattoo was blue instead of red but later it was changed.

1. Kratos will also explore other mythologies in the upcoming parts.