10 Mind Blowing Secrets About Dota 2

By Gamez News

1. Dota 2 has set a record $40 million pool price in a single tournament.

2. As of January 2023, Dota 2 has spent $280 million in prize money since its release.

3. Do you know? Initially Dota 2 was just a mod for Warcraft 3.

4. Do you know? Initially Dota 2 was known as Defense of the Ancients.

5. Do you know? The sequel Dota 2 was not made by its parent company. The Valve Company has developed this game. 

6. Many of the characters in Dota 2 were voiced by the same actors.

7. Do you know? Dota 2 has the best AI players as compared to other games.

8. The Dota 2 AI bots defeated the Dota 2 World Champion team in two consecutive matches.

9. Player can customize weapon attacks in Dota 2

10. Dota 2 AI bots have experienced 45000 years and it's insane.