10 Mind Blowing Secrets of PUBG Mobile

By Gamez News

1. Do you know? PUBG Mobile has 50 million daily active users while PUBG PC has only 1 million.

2. Do you know? Before PUBG was banned in India, there were about 200 million downloads in India itself.

3. PUBG was the first game which aired its advertisement on Indian TV channels.

4. The game is named by its founder Brendan Greene because of its large battle fields.

5. Do you know? You can watch the history of PUBG on its official YouTube channel.

6. Do you know? An Indian web series "Dosti Ka Naya Maidan" available on YouTube is dedicated to PUBG lovers.

7. Do you know? The PUBG game was initially developed and published by the Korean corporation under Bluehole.

8. Do you know? The name of Erangel Map is based on the name of Eryn, the daughter of PUBG founder.

9. Do you know? Most of the buildings and areas on the maps are also present in real life including the school.

10. Do you know? PUBG Mobile earns $8 million to $10 million a day.