10 Mind Blowing Things About Halo Infinite

By Gamez News

1. Do you know? Halo Infinite was developed by 343 Industries.

2. It was originally scheduled for release in 2020 but was delayed due to development challenges and COVID-19 pandemic.

3. The game is the sixth main entry in the Halo series and the third title to be developed by 343 Industries.

4. The game's development is being led by Joseph Staten, who worked on the original Halo trilogy.

5. Halo Infinite will feature a new game engine called the Slipspace Engine, which promises to deliver better graphics & performance.

6. The game's soundtrack is being composed by Gareth Coker, who also composed the soundtracks for Ori and the Blind Forest.

7. The game's story will focus heavily on the relationship between the Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana.

8. The game will support ray tracing on PC and Xbox Series X|S, which will provide improved lighting and reflections.

9. The game will have a day-night cycle, which will affect the gameplay and environment.

10. It is considered one of the most detailed and ultra high graphics games.