10 Mind Blowing Things About Red Dead Redemption

By Gamez News

1. Do you know? Over 500K lines of dialogue were recorded for Red Dead Redemption.

2. Do you know? Rob Witthoff was not the first choice for the lead role but he made history.

3. Do you know? Red Dead Revolver was the first game in the franchise, released in 2004.

4. Do you know? This franchise was started by Capcom but later all the rights were given to Rockstar and Rockstar created history.

5. Do you know? The voice actor for Uncle John O'Craigh passed away during the development of Red Dead Redemption 2.

6. Do you know? Red Dead Redemption is also noted for the movements of the characters, especially the horses.

7. Do you know? The Real Pinkertons sued Rockstar for royalties and a negative role in the game.

8. No one knows all the secret places in the game. This game is full of hidden places and challenges.

9. To destroy the evidence, the player must pick up the body and throw it into an area full of pigs and they will eat the body.

10. Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever developed in gaming history.