10 Most Powerful Weapons in Call of Duty Franchise

By Gamez News

A submachine gun that has a high rate of fire and is very effective at close ranges.

10. P90

A burst-fire assault rifle that is capable of dealing high damage at both short and long ranges.

9. Famas

A shotgun that can take down multiple enemies at close range with just one shot.

8. Spas-12

A light machine gun that is incredibly powerful and has a large ammo capacity.

7. RPD

A sniper rifle that is widely regarded as one of the most powerful weapons in the Call of Duty franchise

6. Intervention

A high-powered handgun that is capable of taking down enemies with just a few shots.

5. Desert Eagle

A sniper rifle that is capable of one-shot kills to the upper body and head.

4. Barrett .50cal

A burst-fire assault rifle that can deal massive damage if used correctly.

3. M16

A submachine gun that is incredibly versatile and effective at close to medium ranges.

2. MP5

A classic assault rifle that is known for its high damage output and accuracy.

1. AK-47