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10 Secretive Details About Dead By Daylight

By Gamez News

10. Do you know? There was involvement of  David King in Fight Clubs.

9. It is true that Dwight was indeed intoxicated the night before he disappeared.

8. Do you know? Med received an athletic scholarship due to his performance in college.

7. Do you know? The character Feng Min has invested a huge amount of money in video gaming in his childhood.

6. Do you know? The Jane Romero character hosts her own TV show known as "The Jane Romero Show".

5. Do you know? The character of Felix is ​​actually a great architectural prodigy.

4. Do you know? Jack is living outside the grid in the game.

3. Do you know? Kate is a great traveling folk musician.

2. Do you know? Claudette is a great botanist.

1. Do you know? Zarina was an Independent Film Producer.