10 Secrets About The Call of Duty Mobile

By Gamez News

10. The COD Mobile's first Epic camo was Ak-47 red action.

9. Call of Duty Mobile made $55 million in its first month of release.

8. Now, Call of Duty Mobile has over 500 million users worldwide.

7. Call of Duty Mobile has over 1500+ hours of playtime per day.

6. Do you know? The original name of the Death Machine was the Scythe.

5. Do you know? You can open a secret door in the sanitarium by destroying 8 teddy bears.

4. For a few seasons after release, COD Mobile's weaponry had no horizontal recoil.

3. Call of Duty Mobile has 7 publishers worldwide.

2. The developers of Candy Crush played an important role in the development of COD Mobile.

1. Most awaited perk "Overkill" was found in test servers but never released yet.