10 Secrets of The Urban Tracker From Call of Duty

By Gamez News

10. Did you know? Urban Tracker first appeared in Call of Duty Mobile and quickly became one of the most loved characters.

9. Do you know? Renowned voice actress Suzie Yeung is the voice of Urban Tracker.

8. It is said that Ghost and Urban Tracker are in love.

7. Urban Tracker has blonde hair and blue eyes.

6. Do you know? Due to her hotness, almost every gamer wants to marry her.

5. Urban Tracker also has one of the most adult images on the internet.

4. Do you know? Urban Tracker is the most liked character in COD Mobile after Ghost.

3. Do you know? Urban Tracker is actually a tool which is used for tracking.

2. Do you know? Urban Tracker has the highest fan following among all the female characters.

1. According to sources, the age of Urban Tracker is only 21 years.