10 Video Games That Can Kill You In Real Life

By Gamez News

This is an online prank game which instruct kids to turn on the stove at midnight to become a Fire Fairy.

10. Fire Fairy

Blue Whale a suicide game where an social media group that encourage kids to complete some challenges that lead them to kill themself. 

09. Blue Whale

This is a dangerous game persuade player to swallow a spoon of caustic Cinnamon which leads player to be hospitalized. 

08. Cinnamon Challenge

Choking game can be played by 2 or more persons in which they have to choke each other's throttle. 

07. Choking Game

A girl got lost in the woods and asks the players to take her back home. In this game players are asked many personal questions.

06. Mariam's Game

This game is about eating and spitting out a shiny detergent which is very dangerous.

05. Tide Pod Challenge

The player has to strike between his five fingers very quickly with the knife without damaging his fingers.

04. Five Finger Fillet

In this challenge a person has to drink 3.5 gallons of milk at one go without vomiting, which can lead to many health issues.

03. Gallon Challenge

The challenge involved cutting body parts with razor blades or knives, leaving children with grievous injuries.

02. The Cutting Challenge

The challenge consisted of pouring salt and ice on the hand, causing a burning sensation on that part.

01. Salt and Ice Challenge