7 Best Marksman Rifles in Modern Warfare 2

By Gamez News

One shot kills the sniper but you have to refill it after every round.

7. Lockwood MK2

It is a semi-auto sniper and best for close range due to high recoil.

6. LM-S

It is in the sniper category but you can also use it as a long range assault rifle.

5. EBR-14

Similar to the EBR-14 but has higher damage as well as a higher fire rate.

4. TAQ-M

It is recommended in multiplayer but it is slow and has high recoil.

3. Tempus Torrent

Fast ADS One Shot Kill Marksman Rifle. It kills the enemy even when shot in the chest from a long distance.

2. SA-B 50

Fastest one shot kill marksman rifles in modern warfare 2.

1. SP-R 208