9 Facts About League of Legends


League of legends is the most popular game in the world of esports because of its prize pools as well as its views. 

Fact - 09.

Jhin is the most known character by league of legends players. It is known because of its obsession with number 4. 

Fact - 08.

Do you know? Singed is the first character designed for the League of Legends game. It is also an overpowered character in the game. 

Fact - 07.

Warwick's skin is actually inspired by the story in which a hunter brutally attacked and killed Urf and used his skin as a coat. 

Fact - 06.

Chronokeeper Zilean is a famous character of league of legends and this name is actually named after Tom "Zilles" Design Director at Riot Games. 

Fact - 05.

Louis Vuitton is the top fashion company in the world and they are the partner with Riot Games. Louis Vuitton helps design many of the items in the game. 

Fact - 04.

Stay 30 seconds on ARAM's winning screen and watch Lisandra's monologue for about 2 minutes and learn new things about the game. 

Fact - 03.

The league of legends game has top class customer’s support by Riot. Their agents are really kind and provide the best service to players. 

Fact - 02.

The creators of DOTA mode in warcraft 3 and the creator of the league of legends are the same. First DOTA mode became too popular. 

Fact - 01.