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9 Mind Blowing Secrets Of GTA 5

By Gamez News

9. Do you know? GTA 5 has a lot of unlicensed tracks in the game.

8. Do you know? The non-playable gangster characters in GTA 5 are voiced by actual gangsters.

7. Michael's voice actor was once accidentally hit by a bat on set and that scene is now in actual gameplay.

6. Franklin's voice actor isn't the first person in his family to play for the GTA protagonist.

5. Do you know? One of the developers received $10000 for reducing the game's load time.

3. Do you know? GTA 5 content was the most viewed gaming content on Twitch in 2021.

2. Do you know? The hairstyle blast scene in which Franklin and Lamar appear was happen in real life.

1. Do you know? GTA 5 sales alone exceed the total number of copies sold by some gaming series such as Assassin's Creed.