About The Cool Math Games' Run 3


Run 3 is a space exploration game on a cool math game web portal. Yes, It is a popular game on cool math games.

There are two modes in the game. First is Explore mode and second is Infinite mode. Play infinite mode to collect more power cells.

Power cells are required to unlock new characters in the game. In this game, you can unlock up to 9 characters.

You can change your character during the game and it is a little bit more fun. So, collect more and more power cells to unlock characters first.

Tapping the arrow up for once results in a small jump but holding the arrow up key for longer results in higher jump.

As we already told you that the infinite mode is recommended to collect power cells so you can unlock new characters.

You have to run in space tunnels and these tunnels aren’t going the same way every time. Yes, the game develops its tunnel itself.

There is no need to download the flash because you can play Run 3 without flash. So, why are you waiting for, go and play Run 3 now.

Thank You