About the Minecraft Classic Game


Do you know? Minecraft classic is the original version of the Minecraft game. Its first version was released in 2009. 

It is developed by a Swedish game developer Markus Persson and he is also famous as Notch. Yes, Notch is his other famous name. 

Initially he developed minecraft as a practice project but it became so much popular therefore the full version was released in the year 2011. 

Yes, you can play Minecraft classic for free on minecraft classic’s website but its features are limited as compared to the latest version of Minecraft. 

You can also play and download minecraft classic game for free from lots of third party websites because it is not available on official website.

Nowadays, the full version of Minecraft is more popular because it has a lot more features as compared to its classic version. 

Minecraft classic also has a day and night cycle and monsters will appear at night and you have to fight against them. 

Of course, it is a single player survival game in which you have to craft lots of stuff for your survival. 

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