About the Minecraft Education Edition 


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Yes, the Minecraft Education Edition is designed for educational purposes and it helps to learn things by playing the game. 

It was released by Mojang studio in 2016. Do you know? Mojang is the studio behind the Minecraft game. 

You can play Minecraft Education Edition on pc, mac, iPad as well as on other platforms without any problem. 

Of course, it is similar to the original Minecraft game but its main focus is on learning, creativity and exploration. 

There are lots of educational content like lesson plans as well as project ideas are already available in the game. 

In fact, teachers can create their own custom content for students because this game has tools to build it. 

Minecraft Education Edition is not only for kids. If you are in college then you can also enhance your learning by playing this game. 

At last, the ultimate aim of the game is to enhance skills like coding, problem solving as well as other things for their better future. 

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