Cherry blossom biome in minecraft 


Minecraft version 1.20 is coming and all Minecraft lovers are excited about it. Mojang officially stated that this update includes several features.

This update will be dedicated to nature as it brings bamboo trees as well as cherry blossom trees.

In this upcoming update, archeology will still be in focus. The new biome will be an enhancement to the "Cherry Blossom" experience.

Cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world which is found in Japan. In fact, Japan celebrates cherry blossom season.

In Japan this flower is known as Sakura flower. It is light pink in color and creates beauty in the environment only for two weeks. But it is really a beautiful sight.

Adding new biomes to the game will also add new types of wood items to the game, such as furniture, slabs, and logs. And the Bamboo wood also going to give you ultimate benefits.

So, Mojang finally brings the Cherry Blossom biome to the game. It's going to be beautiful. Falling of these flowers in the forest will give relief to you. Thank you.