Company of Heroes 3 Updates 


"Company of Heroes 3" has received an update that improve the stability, performance, and sound quality.

"Company of Heroes 3" is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega last month 

This new update mainly focuses on Progression Blockers, Crash Fixes, and a significant Audio pass.

There are many issues and glitches fixed by this update such as -  1. Corrected default settings menu caused by Steam Cloud overriding Client settings.

2. Fixed a crash “TacticalPauseVisualUIInfo” while using Tactical Pause. 3. Fixed high frequency de-syncs in multiplayer.  4. Improved cinematic resolution.

5. Resolved a problem that prevented a unit from deploying when it became stationed on a ship. 6. The "Action finish" crash that happens during the Defend Salerno Mission has been fixed.

7. Fixed crash "Group_GetPosition" caused by Anzio Annie killing a specific unit in mission. 8. Improved High Dynamic Range mix.

There some more issues has been fixed in this update. Thank You!