Gathering The Magic Quest in World of Warcraft Dragonflights


Gathering The Magic Quest is a quest in World of Warcraft : Dragonflight which found at the Azure Archives, in the southwest corner of The Azure Span. 

This quest is a tricky quest that can confuse you and can be difficult to complete this quest. Even if you are able to perceive what needs to be done, you might need assistance to complete this quest.

Here in this story you will find how to complete "Gathering The Magic Quest in World of Warcraft : Dragonflights"

Find Michael Robbins, an NPC who is positioned next to a blue crystal, as soon as you arrive in the location. The progress bar that is shown on your quest log fills up as you gather orbs.

You only need to touch the orbs for orbs to be considered as collected. Touch the blue crystal glow your Character for five minutes and increase jumping abilities of to see nearby floating orbs.

When you jump it increases your height and press and hold the jump button to jump higher in order to grab the pesky yellow orbs.

To grab the higher orbs can be difficult. So aim in orb's direction and adjust as you float down. Click the crystal to renew the buff if it runs out without loosing quest progress.