Genshin Imapct Version 3.5 Updates 


Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact released by MiHoYo. Brand new characters, stories and many more have been added in this update.

Two new characters have been added to the game. The first is Deha (5 start character) and the second is Mika (4 start character).

Dehya is a Eremites' member and you can say she is brave as well as strong. Dehya's elemental skill is Molten inferno and elemental burst is Leonine Bite.

Dehya is a female character and her sight is Pyro and her weapon is Claymore. There are also two parts to her elemental skills that you will see in the game.

Mika is a Knight but his parents were ordinary humans. The Mika's elemental skill is Starfrost Swirl and his elemental burst is Sky feather song.

Of course, Mika is male character and his vision is Cryo and his weapon is Polearm. Mika will use a crossbow for attack that you will see in the game.

Two new weapons are added in the game. First is beacon of the reed sea and the second is mailed flower.

There are two new quest "Archon quest" and "Story quest" are added in the game. Along with that there is one new hangout event is also added to the game.

Abyss Herald - Frost Fall and Black Serpent Knight - Rockbreaker X are the new enemies you are going to fight. So, these are the main addtion to this update. Thank You.