GTA 6 Release Date and GTA 6 Updates 


The news about the possible release date of GTA 6 has once again created a buzz on social media.

Popular insider Tez2 revealed that Rockstar Games plans to release it in late 2024

The higher management don't want to push it back until the end of 2025 or even 2026, though.

This makes a release date for the 2024 holiday season or early 2025 with an announcement for the game in 2023

There is also speculation that some of the game's content may have to be cut and released later as DLC in order to meet the 2024 deadline.

Since the "Red Dead Redemption 2" has been released recently, Rockstar Games will have to go a few steps ahead to win the hearts of the fans once again.

Fans of GTA franchises are very excited about the release of "GTA 6."