How to complete "Muddy Water" mission in "CALL OF DUTY Warzone 2 DMZ"


Want to finish "call of duty: Warzone 2 DMZ's" Tier 1 story Mission: Muddy Waters for the Legion faction? Here is a guide to assist you!

The DMZ Faction Tasks in Warzone 2 can frequently be difficult to complete, so it requires more efforts to complete the tasks. 

some of the missions only demand you to use a certain weapon to kill AI, others require you to locate and Extract unknown materials.

In the Muddy Waters Faction Mission, you must gather three mysterious pieces of intel on Ashika Island from the hidden places. 

3 pieces of intel are given below -  1. A shadow company usb stick 2. ashika island intel 3. crown intel

1. A shadow company usb stick - To begin the muddy water faction loot and extract the shadow company usb stick from the beach club observatory deck.

The USB can be found inside the observatory's underwater section, which is accessible by swimming through one of the many players.

you will find a toolbox next to the spiral staircase where you will find the usb stick. To finish the first part of this task, extract using the USB in your possession.

2. ashika island intel - you can extract "ashika island intel" from underwater waterways. there many entrances to enter the waterways.

Nonetheless, one of the easiest routes to reach here is to use Port Ashika's right entrance. you will find ashika island inten in a shipping container called "waterways dead drop".

The Waterways Dead Drop, is located just beneath Tsuki Castle. To finish the second phase of this operation, make sure you successfully exfiltrate with the Ashika Island Intel.

3. the crown intel -  you must loot and extract the crown intel in the ashika power plant. A Stronghold Keycard, a common item dropped by AI opponents, is required to enter the Ashika Power Plant.

The Power Plant's top floor is where you can find the Crown Intel and several valuable Supply Caches to loot. To finish this task, make sure you successfully exfiltrate with the Crown Information.

here is all the details about the three pieces of intel and where to find them. follow the steps and complete the mission - "Muddy Water".