How To Master "Dust 2 Callout" in "CS : GO"

By Gamez News

Dust 2 Callouts refers to some particular names and phrases used in Dust 2 map to describe the various location.

Here are some best and effective tactics to master Dust 2 Callouts in CS : GO game.

Review your gameplay after each match and note every callouts that could be improved.

9. Review Your Gameplay

Pay attention to your teammates callouts as a part of a team and play accordingly.

8. Be A Team Player

Communication can be intense and stressful during gameplay, so it is very important to stay calm and communicate clearly.

7. Communicate Clearly

Repeat callouts during intense gameplay so that your teammates could hear them.

6. Repeat Callouts

During a fast-paced game use abbreviation to make quick callouts.

5. Use Abbreviations

Precise and timely callouts can be made if you know Dust 2's layout like the back of your hand.

4. Memorize the Layout

Effective  callouts can be aided by being aware of the common position where opponents are most likely to be found.

3. Know the Common Positions

Play with a team and focus on practicing callouts in Dust 2 map.

2. Practice With a Team

Most important thing to mastering the Dust 2 callouts is to familiarize yourself with the Dust 2 map. 

1. Study the Map