Interesting facts about Soldiers of Apex Legends


Wraith Doesn't Know Who She is 


Yes, Wraith loses all of her memory during her IMC service and now she is able to execute dangerous attacks.

Pathfinder Doesn’t Have Physical Character 


Yes, Pathfinder is the Mobile Versatile Robotic Entity in the apex legends game.

Mirage With Missing Brother 


He is popular in the game because of his hologram tactics. He avoided military service once his brothers went missing.

Lifeline has Wealthy background 


Yes, Lifeline is from a wealthy family and she left her home. The real name of Lifeline is Ajay Che.

Gibraltar Has A Boyfriend 


Yes, it is true that Gibraltar has a boyfriend and the real name of Gibraltar is “Makoa Gibraltar”.

Caustic is A Dangerous Scientist 


The real name of Caustic is Alexander Maxwell Nox and he is a dangerous legend having toxic gas abilities in the game.

Initially Bloodhound was For Titanfall 


A famous character for tracking enemy hidden moments was initially designed for the titanfall game.

Banglore is an IMC Soldier 


Yes, Banglore is really an IMC soldier. She was born in a military family and everyone is in the military in real life.