Is Counter Strike 2 Going To Be Released? 


Everyone is shocked that it is trending on the internet that CS GO 2 is in development. Let us know on the basis of some evidence.

As we know that Counter Strike is the most favorite game among the gamers all over the world. There are many other games that use this game as a reference.

There is a new tweet from @Gabfollower that, he found an image named "csgos2.exe" on the profile of the Nvidia driver.

This is one of the biggest signs from Nvidia that they may be working on a sequel to Counter-Strike.

Another clue is, there is a profile named Counter-Strike 2 in the latest update of nvidia drivers. This gives us another strong indication that CS:GO 2 is on the way.

Previously a lot of the community was already showing that CS:GO 2 is in development. And it is expected that it will be next level in terms of graphics as well as game modes.

Let's see when we get an official statement regarding the release of CS:GO 2. May be they are going to announce it with beta version. Thank you