League of Legends' Yuumi Release Date


Recently, the developers of League of Legends revealed Yumi's official look. Players are looking forward to playing with the new Yumi.

The developers officially confirm that the new Yummy will be available with 13.5 Path. March 8, 2023 is the likely date.

The main reason behind Yummy redevelopment is that players were dissatisfied before and of course many of them want to upgrade to Yummy. March 8, 2023 is the likely date.

If you want to play before the new patch notes are released then you can also join the beta version as Yumi will be available in beta for 2 weeks before its official launch.

The developers of League of Legends want to be more precise so you might want to join the beta so there aren't any bugs at the official launch.

The beta version of Yummy will be available around February 24th. Join the beta version if you want to give any feedback to the developers. Thank You