Mind Blowing Facts About The Portal 2

By Gamez News

10. Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2011.

9. It features a single-player campaign, as well as a co-operative multiplayer mode called "Peer Review".

8. Portal 2 same universe as the original game and features the same protagonist, Chell, and antagonist, GLaDOS.

7. It features several new characters, including Wheatley, a personality core who acts as a guide for the player.

6. Its new gameplay mechanics allows players to run fast, jump high, and create portals.

5. The story takes place several hundred years after the events of the original Portal game.

4. Portal 2 received critical acclaim upon its release and was praised for its clever puzzles.

3. The game features an original score by composer Mike Morasky.

2. Portal 2 won several awards for its writing, voice acting and gameplay.

1. The game has a dedicated community of players who have also created custom maps and mods.