Minecraft New Update 1.20


So, it is finally confirmed that Mojang brings some cool new features to the game which will give the ultimate boost to the game.

The name of the version has not been decided yet and according to the information provided by Mojang, there are 5 major features going to be added in this version.

1. We haven't got any major changes to the Armor for a long time. But in this update you can also craft your armor in pieces. In fact, you can even make your armor in a number of designs.

2. Two new mobs are going to be added in this update. These are crowd sniffer and camel. Two players can ride a camel at a time. Camel ride also protects you from many types of harm.

3. The new biome Cherry Blossoms is being added to the game and this upcoming Minecraft update will focus on archeology.

4. A good news for every Minecraft lover is that bamboo wood is being added in the 1.20 update. Also a new forest will be added with cherry blossom trees everywhere.

Overall, the new biome cherry blossoms, the addition of bamboo wood, a new way to craft your armor, and a camel ride are some of the main features of this update.