Most Addicting Games In The World

Gamez News

Gamez News

It brings sensation to the gaming field. It has 250 million players worldwide and a revenue of $200 million per month.

1. Fortnite

It is a team-based strategy game in which two teams of five players fight to destroy each other's base.

2.League of Legends

It is the game that changed the mobile gaming industry forever. pubg earns 5 million dollars daily.


It was launched in 2004 and even today it can compete with games in the MMO genre.

4.War of the World

It gives millions of people a chance to improve their creativity. It is the best-selling game of all time with over 175 million copies sold.


It immersive, escapism and endless game. It was released in the year 2011.

6.The Elder Scrolls      V: Skyrim

It is really an addictive game because once you start playing you will open it again and again.

7.Clash of Clans

It is endless escaping game that become an additive game because of its seasons and leagues.

8.The Path of Exile

It is the most played game on mobile phones and lots of people lost their lives because of this game.

9.Pokemon Go

So, these are the most addicting games in the world. Play any one of them now.