Most Popular Fortnite Weapons

10. DMR

DMR is a semi-automatic gun, which is which very powerful and fast firing rifle with a high precision scope that fires quick moving projectiles with the damage of 45 to 50.

09. Red-Eye Assault Rifle

This is an automatic assault rifle with a red dot sight that increases accuracy of firing. This gun's max damage is 40.

08. Twin Mag SMG

This is a fast firing submachine gun in Fortnite: Battle Royale mode that has double-sided magazine for one fast reload. Max Damage of this gun is 20

07. Scar Assault Rifle

This gun is one of the most popular and flexible weapon that can be utilize in both close and long range fight with good accuracy and 36 base damage.

06. Primal Flame Bowe

Primal Flame Bow is a special weapon which is a bow that fires flaming bolts and cause significant damage to opponents and can set building on fire.

05. Ex-Caliber Rifle

Ex-Caliber Rifle is a legendary and powerful single-shot and high accuracy weapon that cause effective damage to the opponents at both long and short range with damage of 86.

04. Thunder Shotgun

It is a special and effective weapon that cause high damage to opponents at close range with the damage of 96 per shot. This gun has capability to terminate enemy in one shot.

03. Tactical Pistol

Tactical Pistol is an unique and easy to use weapon with a built-in scope that fires bullets with high accuracy in burst of three shots with the base damage of 21 per shot. 

02. Shockwave Hammer

Shockwave Hammer is a close-range melee weapon with the shockwave ability that cause significant damage to opponents that makes it a epic and unique weapon.

01. Tactical Assault Rifle

This is a powerful and easy to use weapon with high fire rate and low recoil that help players to eliminate opponents quickly by causing consistent damage at both close and long range.

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