Top 10 Most Popular Yandex Games

By Gamez News

A multiplayer game where players control a cell and consume other players to grow.


RPG game where players collect and train creatures for battle.

9. Dynamons World

Players control a dragon and fly in a virtual world and fire anywhere.

8. Dragon Simulator

A Minecraft-inspired game where players can build and explore a world.

7. Mine Clone

A cooperative game where players work together to collect fruit and avoid enemies.

6. Bad Ice Cream

Scary game in which the player has to avoid being caught by the terrifying granny.

5. Granny

It is a multiplayer tank battle game that you can play with friends as well.

4. Tanki Online

A puzzle game where players have to cut ropes to feed a monster.

3. Cut The Rope

Players would navigate a character through obstacle courses and challenges.

2. Happy Wheels

A classic game where you will shoot bubbles and match colors to clear the board.

1. Bubble Shooter