Top 10 Most Violent Video Games of All Time.

By Gamez News

Resident Evil 1996 is full of blood, weapons and killings, that make it violent video game.

10. Resident Evil 1996

"Isaac" the protagonist of Dead Space kills every space zombies brutally with any tool he got.

09. Dead Space

There are lot of scary and dangerous demons and action fight with full of blood in this game.

08. Splatterhouse

"Kratos" the protagonist of God of War brutally kills everyone who stands in his way.

07. God of War

GTA series is full of violence and illegal activities in which players kill, rob, and spread violence.

06. Grand Theft Auto

Marcus Fenix will do anything to kill his enemies. Marcus Fenix kills his enemies brutally.

05. Gears of War

Doom Guy not only kills his enemy by shooting but also he slice his enemies in pieces with a chainsaw or with his bare hands very brutally.

04. DOOM

"Postal" is a violent video game in which player goes on a rampage due to government and the voices in his head.

03. Postal

In this game player takes control of a prisoner who violently murders gang members with household weapons like plastic bags and baseball bats. 

02. Manhunt

Mortal Kombat isa fighting game full of blood, violence, and brutality in which players fight with each other to win.

01. Mortal Kombat