Nowadays, Why Fortnite is Business Simulation Game?

Popular agency OS Studios is now hiring pro gamers to help developers for design and enhancement of the Fonrtnite.

OS Studios will pay the players for their support to developers in their upcoming projects as well. That is, this is a great opportunity to earn money from the Fortnite game.

Fornite game has millions of users and the developers want to use player's creativity as well as their vision to make the game more interesting.

But not all players will be selected and but everyone has chance to earn money from it. Obviously, players can apply and OS Studios will choose the right players.

According to the sources, you have to work for about 6 weeks only and it is all going to start in the middle of March. It doesn't matter where you are from, you can apply for it.

According to OS Studios, they will pay players on pay per day or pay per hour basis. You can fill out the registration form on the Hitmarker website.

In fact, Epic Games is looking for various people as developers, UI designers, interns as well as partnership managers. Come on friends, now the time has come to earn money from games.