PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games


PBS is a Public Broadcasting Service in the United States and it works for children. Along with many services they also offer educational genre games.

PBS kids games are educational games that help in children’s mental growth. Children can learn lots of skills just by playing games.

It gives free access to parents as well as kids to show they can do thousands of activities there along with gaming.

It provides lots of gaming categories including space games, food games, shapes games, painting games, number games, world games etc.


Let’s Discuss some of the best games from PBS Kids Games.

Colorific Art Show


It is one of the best painting games in which kids can expand their skills. Yes, it is an educational genre game that boosts kids' art skill.

Riding With Rosie


In this game kids are going to know about new places along with many activities in the game and they will learn new things with these activities.

Story Creator


Yes, it is a story creation game and it helps to grow kids’ mental health. Of course it improves the imagination of children.

Nature Walk


Nature Walk is the best game for kids to learn about nature via game. Just go with nature and enjoy the learning.

Multiple Blue Rings


So, If you are also a parent then PBS kids games are recommended to you. Kids can learn new things as well as they can improve their skills just by playing the game.