Richest Noob In Free Fire

By Gamez News

Lokesh Gamer is considered to be the richest noob in India.

His real name is "Lokesh Raj Singh" and he is also known as "Diamond King" and "Free Fire King".

His girlfriend's name is Nikita and she is also a youtuber.

Lokesh Gamer has not even completed his 12th standard and he is earning handsomely.

Lokesh Gamer and his girlfriend have more than 6 channels on Youtube.

Lokesh Gamer has a net worth of over $4 million which is equivalent to 30 crore Indian rupees.

Lokesh Gamer and his girlfriend are now earning 50 lakhs per month.

Lokesh Gamer changed his life within 3 years. He started his YouTube career in 2019.

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