Interesting Secrets About Scylla From Call of Duty Monile

By Gamez News

8. "Scylla" is also known as "Boots on the ground" since her early training in Brazilian Jungle,

7. "Scylla" was added in the Call of Duty: Mobile on September 13, 2020.

6. "Scylla" is a female character who wears a hooded cloak and dark tactical outfit.

5. In the terms of appearance "Scylla" has blond hair and a cybernetic eye.

4. "Scylla's" cybernetic eye becomes red when she gets hurt.

3. "Scylla" is voiced by "Amalia Holm Bjelke" which is a Scandinvanian actress.

2. "Scylla's" signature weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile is "QQ9."

1. "Scylla" is the most beautiful hacker.