SEXY Girlfriend "Juliet"  In "GTA V"

By Gamez News

"Juliet" is one of the sexiest stripper in "GTA V."

By profession "Juliet" is a stripper at the "Vanilla Unicorn Club."

"Juliet" has blonde hair and wears a red lingerie set featuring a bra and a thong bikini.

There is connection meter of "Juliet." Player must fill "Juliet's" connection meter to make connection with "Juliet."

Player needs to dance, flirt and touch "Juliet" to fill the "Juliet's" connection meter. 

When the meter is full, "Juliet" will offer player to meet her behind the club.

"Juliet" will meet player in his car and player can take her to his home for booty calls.

"Juliet" will give a blowjob to player while he is driving "Juliet" to his home.

Player can have sex with "Juliet" after reaching home.