The Best No Internet Games With Story

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Gamez News

1. Life is Strange

It is one of the most popular games of all time because of the storyline. The game consists of several chapters and each chapter consists of several episodes.

2. Green Glass

The Japanese style  sword fighting romantic game in which you have to save your princes.

3. Brother: A Tale of      Two Sons

It is indeed an emotional game about two brothers going on an adventure to collect herbs to save their father.

4. Batman: The     Telltale Series

Of course, the DC superhero Batman is featured in this game. You have to save your city by fighting with enemies.

5. Syberia

The game features dangerous creatures as well as fictional locations. Your character is a girl and there are 3 chapters in the game.

6. The Wolf Among Us

This game is inspired by the book. This game is about the life of a man. The game has a good level of graphics.

7. Republic

This is a puzzle solving story based game in which a girl is trying to escape from a building and you have to help her.

8. Final Fantasy XV      Pocket Edition

An action adventure story based game with decent level of graphics. Yes, it is part of the Final Fantasy series.

9. God of War- Chains      of Olympus

A famous action adventure game with an interesting story. You will also have to fight against the bosses.

So, these are the best no internet games with story. Choose your favorite game and start enjoying it.