The Combo of Mega Man x and Minecraft


Mojang announced that Mega Man X going to enter in the Minecraft world. All these content will we downloadable content.

This downloadable content will have total 14 skins for now and player can use all of them and they can also enjoy the original Mega Man X music.

One of the interesting thing is that you can play it alone as well as you can play it with your friends also. Yes, its going to be damm fun.

This story mode going to be tougher as you play because you have to fight against the Mega Man X bosses like storm eagle and vile.

This mode also allow you to upgrade your character through hunter base with the help of bolt. In fact, you can also increase your heart slots that increases you lives.

But it is not a free mode because you have to pay around 1400 Minecraft coins to unlock it. Yes the cost of this mode is going to be around $8-$9.

So, it is not going to be the pure Minecraft game because it has many weapons from the other franchise also. Seriously, it is going to be ultimate fun.

So, that's all about the latest update regarding Minecraft and Mega Man X franchise. Let's get ready to enjoy something unique guys.