As we know The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a Fighting game and nowadays everyone is talking about it because of its unique style Boss Fights.

Officially on Twitter he tweeted "Face countless monsters, legendary warlords and a conspiracy surrounding an elixir that promises immortality in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Check out the top tips and tricks to help you fight against General Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to win the battles.

Never rush any level because doing so will make you lose useful weapons as well as armor that increases your health and strength.

Tip - 5

You need to practice winning against all the enemies by using strategies as well as choosing the right moves at the right time. This will definitely help you to win against Zhang Liang.

Tip - 4

No other enemy may require reaching level 10. But you have to grind more and reach level 10 to strengthen your weapons as well as your strength to win against the Zhang Liang.

Tip - 3

Your morale ranking must be at least 20 in order to increase your strength and health. You can increase your morale by killing other enemies.

Tip - 2

Remember, this game requires a little more pace because playing defensive is not going to win you. So, practice martial arts and make your combos to win the game.

Tip - 1