Top 10 Cool Characters in Fortnite

10.  Fishstick

Fishstick is an entertaining character in Fortnite thar has equipped a huge fish head and many fish-themed arms and skills such as - call for a school of fish to attack opponents.

09.  The Foundation

The Foundation is one of the most powerful and popular character in Fortnite that comes with a variety of skills such as - creating shockwave and creating a temporary barrier.

08.  Superman

Superman is a character from a most popular "Superman movie" and has a variety of skills such as-heat vision, flying ability and frost breath.

07.  Lara Croft

Lara Croft character is from a popular game and movie series "Tomb Raider" that brings her historic dual pistols and skills of building cover and climbing walls.

06.  Mandalorian

Mandalorian character is from the famous movie series "Star Wars" that has variety of weapons and the whistling birds skill which allows him to take out multiple opponents at once.

05.  Jonesy

Jonesy is a multitasking character that has different types of skills such as - increasing damage of shotguns, quickly gathering resources and increased health and shield.

04.  Lynx

Lynx is a popular character because of her skill to jump higher and increasing the damage of assault rifles and smgs guns.

03.  Raven

Raven can telephone himself on short distances. But teleporting causes making the player difficult to follow and give him a strategic disadvantage during battle.

02.  Midas

Midas is one of the most popular characters in Fortnite who can turn any weapon and vehicle into gold and increases the damage, accuracy, value and decreases reloading time of weapons.

01.  Drift

Drift is one of the most popular character in Fortnite because of his skill to move faster and flexibility and skill to move through structures which help him to escaping from danger.