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In this game players must hide from a seeker and avoid being found.

10. Hide and Seek Extreme

This game takes place in a colorful world where players must run through an obstacle course as fast as you can.

9. Speed Run 4

In this game players must avoid incoming bombs and explosion while collecting coins.

8. Super Bomb Survival

Jailbreak game takes place in a vibrant 3D world where players can pick one of two roles : Police or Criminal like GTA 5. 

7. Jailbreak

This game has an addictive gameplay with its unique maps where players must solve the mystery of murders.

7. Murder Mystery 2

This takes place in a vibrant world in which players must play roles of workers of a Pizza Place such as - chef, cashiers, delivery boy etc.

6. Work At a Pizza Place

Players can build their own theme park and, customize and add rides, attractions and decorations.

5. Theme Park Tycoon 2

In this game players must dive in Quill Lake and explore and find treasure chests, ships, etc. 

4. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

Natural Disaster Survival is a adventure survival game in which players must survive in disasters and stay alive

3. Natural Disaster Survival

Blox Fruits is a action adventure game in which players must fight with different type of enemies.

2. Blox Fruits

This is an action-adventure game where players must build and upgrade their towers to defend from enemies.

1. All Star Tower Defense