GTA V is one of the most popular games which developed by "Rockstar North" and  published by  "Rockstar Games".


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With the help of this mod, players can discover which portion of damaged cars have been damaged and how critically. 

10. Car Damage Indicator

Players can transform "GTA 5" into a survival horror game with the help of this mod. Players will face a crowd of walking dead and survive by fighting with them

09. Zombie Apocalypse

This mod turns the game's planet completely dry, resulting in a ruined landscape.  In addition, you can launch a tsunami that floods the map.

08. No Water + Atlantis

With this mod, "GTA 5" allows you to play the game as Iron Man. Flying, firing repulsor beams, and using other Iron Man powers are possible in the game world.

07. Iron Man Script

"GTA 5" mods can present a vast variety of new vehicles, from trucks and planes to sports cars and supercars. Benny's Original Motor Works & Real Vehicles are some example of popular mods.

06. Car Mods

This mod gives "GTA 5" a trainer menu that allows you to access to a variety of cheats and other features. It allows you to change settings and spawn characters, weaponry, and vehicles.

05. Menyoo PC

If players want to use some additional mods that need scripting, players must use this mod. Custom scripts can be loaded into the game to offer new features and functionality.

04. Script Hook V

This mod also provides enhanced graphical upgrades that gives it a more realistic appearance. This mode enhances the game's lighting, weather effects, and texturing.

03. Natural Vision Remastered

This mod allows you to play the game as a police officer who can petrol the streets, reply to calls, and players can also arrest the criminals.


This mod has the capability to enhance the quality of visuals of the game by improving lighting, and weather effects with enhanced textures.

01. Redux

These are top 10 mods that you can use and enjoy "GTA V" THANK YOU