Top 10 Hottest Call of Duty Female Characters

By Gamez News

She might not be the hottest but she is a mature woman and that's why she is on this list.

10. Farah Karim

She is the extra hot Russian soldier from Call of Duty Finest Hour.

9. Tanya Pavelovna

She is giving powerful vibes and of course she is too hot.

8. Dusk

She is known for the best female soldier having bold figure.

7. Battery

Artery is known for her well mannered dressing style, seriousness, and hotness.

6. Artery

She is a combination of extra hotness and dangerous skills.

5. Alias

The sexy soldier's figure is like a manta ray fish. Yes, she is very smooth and sexy.

4. Manta Ray

Motoko has become popular quickly because of her sexy figure and hotness.

3. Motoko Kusanagi

Scylla is known for her figure and cuteness. Yes, she is very hot.

2. Scylla

Urban Tracker is the most favorite and hottest soldier in Call of Duty.

1. Urban Tracker