Top 10 Secrets About Counter Strike 

By Gamez News

10. Counter-Strike was originally created as a mod for Half-Life, but due to its popularity, it became a separate game.

9. Counter-Strike Neo is a 2D version of the game available only in Japan.

8. Do you know? One of the Gabe bots was named after Gabe Newell, the founder of Steam.

7. Do you know? Counter-Strike co-creator Jeff Cliff voices the Commander in the game.

6. Do you know? Julian Barreaux killed another man in real life in 2010 over a fight in the game.

5. When it was just a mod, Counter-Strike had multiple vehicles to drive, but those were removed in the stand alone game.

4. Do you know? Valve outsourced the game for development. Valve never developed the full game.

3. Do you know? The Scar-El gun featured in the Counter-Strike logo is not available in the game.

2. Do you know? The game was named after Counter-Strike, a Canadian TV show.

1. Hostage rescue was initially the main goal in counter-strike, rather than bomb defuse until beta version 4.0.