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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Far Cry 6

By Gamez News

10. PETA wants UBISOFT to remove Rooster Fight minigame from Far Cry 6.

9. Triada Blessing Quest has the vibes of adventure games like - Tomb Raider, and Uncharted.

8. Players can save vehicles by scanning them with Danny's Phone.

7. Players can upgrade their vehicles and weapons by unlimited daily respawned supply caches.

6. First mission of Special Operations is set in Mesozoico, a Jurassic Park-themed park. 

5. Enemy Choppers can be take  down with the help of Sticky Emp Grenades.

4. Boom Boom can be unlocked as Amigo by completing Boom or Bust Quest.

3. The Grill-Mounted rams, can ram through FND checkpoint easily without being slowed from spikes on roads.

2. Furioso Supremo allows players to create a ring of fire around them which help them to move faster in the air by pressing jump buton.

1. Hidden laptop and computers in the game reveals location of all enemies, alarms, and cameras by scanning the FND base.