Top 10  Y8 Games

By Gamez News

Players control a soldier and get involved in an intense battle against other players.


Players must play as an electric stick figure and battle against other stick figure.

9. Electric Man 2HS

This is a popular battlling game players fight with other players on an island until a  team or a single player remains at last.

8. Zombs Royale is a shooting and building online multiplayer game where players build structure and fight against other players.


There is a hole on ground which is controlled by players and the hole gets bigger by consuming objects such as cars, trees etc.


Players play as doctor of nails and diagnoses the problems and treat various nails issues.

5. Nail Doctor

Players can diagnose the nails related problems and provide right treatment.  

4. Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor

In this game players must control their snakes and collect as many as orbs to increase the length of the snake.


In this game payers must feed the candy to a creature named Om Nom by cutting the rope.

2. Cut To The Rope

An addictive endless game where you have to control a ball and avoid obstacles. 

1. Slope