Top Games Like Super Mario Kart


8. Beach Buggy Racing

It is an open word environment high graphics game and recommended for those who love off-road racing. Drive Truck, Buggy, Muscle Car, etc.

7. Boom Karts

The concept of this game is similar to the Super Mario Kart game. You will enjoy powerups like bombs, lasers as well as rockets and you can customize your character.

6. Kart Rider Rush+

A racing kart driving game with tons of cuteness. The funny thing is that this game has a toilet seat like a cart. Of course, the game features motorcycles as well as cars.

5. Mario Kart Tour

During the races you have to collect coins that help you to unlock more characters as well as new and better racing karts.

4. Moorhuhn Kart Multiplayer       Racing

The game has 7 racing characters and 8 unique racing tracks. This game has everything you want in any racing kart game.

3. Nickelodeon Kart Racers

The game has more than 30 drivers inspired by various cartoons. This is the easiest version of the Super Mario Kart game because of its mechanics.


This is not exactly a racing game as you have to play it online with other players in which you have to destroy rival cars to win the game.

1. Starlit On Wheels: Super Kart

You can play it in single player as well as with your friends. The game has 8 different racing arenas where you can do 128 races like in the story mode.