Was "Bill Gates" Addicted To The Minesweeper Game?


Microsoft first released Minesweeper as a single-player computer game in the 1990s. Each cell in the game can be in one of three states: uncovered, covered, or flagged.

Introduction to "Minesweeper" -

The game is played on a rectangular grid of cells. To complete the game without setting off any of the concealed mines, you must uncover every cell on the grid. 

Minesweeper is an addicting game due to its mix of difficulty, risk and reward, randomization, short-term objectives, and competition.

What Makes "Minesweeper" So Addicted:-

Yes! "Bill Gates" was so addicted to minesweeper. He used to spend too much time to play "Minesweeper" game in his computer.

Was "Bill Gates" Addicted To The Minesweeper Game?

When "Bill Gates" realized that he was addicted to Minesweeper, he removed Minesweeper from his computer.

Even removing "Minesweeper" from his computer did not work because Bill Gates went to the office of other workers and his computer feet started getting Minesweeper.

Melinda French, who subsequently wed Bill Gates, requested that new Minesweeper records not be shared with Gates by the corporate staff.

Instead of sharing "Minesweeper" high records to "Bill Gates", the product manager decided to use a computer program called "Macro Recorder" that will set a unbeatable record in "Minesweeper" game.

In result that computer program set "Minesweeper" record by playing it again and again. The computer program "Macro Recorder" set an unbeatable "Minesweeper" record.

Then product manager "Charles Fitzgerald" sent an email to "Bill gates" with the screenshot of the new record of Minesweeper" game which was "one second". 

"Bill Gates" product manager "Charles Fitzgerald" said to "Bill Gates" in email, "unfortunately your record of five seconds can not beat record of one second." 

Then "Bill Gates" replied humorously, stating, "A computer is replacing my key talent. This technology trend is out of control and can't beat the technology.

So this is the story of "Bill Gates" with "Minesweeper' and how "Bill Gates" get rid of addiction of "Minesweeper" game.